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Homemanager Progress Update

productivity posted 2022-12-10 (updated 2024-01-23)
manage a home with a web application that stores data locally


Homemanager is a family-focused web application that I’m writing to succeed Homechart and Grocy. Homemanager’s distinguishing feature is that it uses local files to retrieve and store data; this method of data storage provides personal control over your own data and long-term resiliency against any flaws in the application. Should Homemanager or web browsers fail, data will still be available and can readily be synced and backed up.

Homechart Grocy Homemanager
Business model Freemium FOSS FOSS
Data storage Database Database Local files
Calendar, tasks
Budget 𐄂 𐄂
Rewards 𐄂 𐄂
Ledger 𐄂 𐄂 planned
Maintenance 𐄂 planned
Inventory planned
Shopping List planned
Meal Plans planned
Recipes planned
Files planned

Homemanager is designed with a simple but full-featured UX. Ideally, both children and adults in the family will be able to navigate the application with ease.

Current State

Homemanager is currently able to retrieve, change, and update data in a local file called “” which supplies the calendar and agenda modules. homemanager’s homepage

Events can last a whole day or span over a specified timeframe, but cannot yet repeat or span multiple days. homemanager’s calendar

Next Steps

  1. Complete event management by adding multiple day, repeating, and category functionaliy. Events that are added to a certain category will have a different color.
  2. Add task management with the same logic used for the calendar (repeating, time-based tasks, categorical tasks, etc.).

Future plans for the other components: