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Boba Tea Ratings

personal posted 2023-09-21 (updated 2024-01-23)
my favorite boba teas across the globe


  1. 9.5 Orobae, California
  2. 9.0 Cha Kyojyou, Japan, Kyoto
  3. 8.8 Matcha Republic, Japan, Uji
  4. 8.7 Omomo, California
  5. 8.1 Tea 18, Japan, Hiroshima
  6. 8.0 BobaPop, California
  7. 7.6 Tiger Sugar, Maryland
  8. 7.5 Kung Fu Tea, California
  9. 7.2 Ding Tea, California
  10. 6.6 XiuXiu Cafe, Japan, Kyoto

By Location


9.5 Orobae

Osmanthus oolong milk tea, 0% sugar

8.7 Omomo

Osmanthus oolong milk tea, 0% sugar

Deliciously floral, bright, and similarly woody. The milk adds a creaminess that blends well with the natural sweetness of the osmanthus flowers and tender boba pearls.

8.0 BobaPop

Osmanthus oolong tea 30% sugar

This drink’s flowery and grainy heartiness are dimmed with the addition of milk, and enhanced with a small addition of sweetner. Refreshing and classic. The boba is firmly chewy and sweet (but not sweet enough to replace the sweetner).

7.5 Kung Fu Tea

Oolong or green milk tea 0% sugar

Kung Fu tea could be called the Starbucks of boba. They’re consistent, everywhere, and brew decent tea. Both the oolong and green tea are good; not the best in their class but flavorful (without being bitter) nonetheless. The oolong comes off as a more earthy black tea while the green is akin to a jasmine. I like getting the milk tea and the milk cap for a creamier sip.

7.2 Ding Tea

ding tea boba

Oolong Milk Tea with Boba, 0% sugar

This tea has a pleasantly strong oolong taste that nears hojicha. Earthy and not bitter. The boba is soft, very slightly flavored like brown sugar, and almost too gooey. The drink would benefit from a sweeter boba mixture.


7.6 Tiger Sugar


9.0 Cha Koujyou

cha koujyou boba

Brown Sugar Milk Tea

This small shop nestled in an underground train station mall serves some of the best boba in Japan. The tea selection is broad, and all the flavors I tried were high quality. The boba was perfectly honey-sweet and chewy.

8.8 Matcha Republic

matcha republic tea Matcha Latte

Deliciously thick and flavorful matcha drink with freshly ground matcha. The best I’ve had. No bitterness, only a sweet grassy flavor.

8.1 Tea 18

tea 18  boba Taejilang oolong milk tea

A gentle drink with full-flavored oolong and sweet boba.

6.6 XiuXiu Cafe

xiuxiu cafe boba

Golden black milk tea with boba

Tea had a slight bitter taste that lingered beneath a floral and wheaty earl grey flavor. The boba was firm and chewy but lacked sweetness.